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Centro de Meditacion & Yoga

Retiros Grupales e Individuales


Bienvenidos a nuestro centro de meditación familiar! Aquí te cuidaremos durante tu retiro grupal o en solitario.
Este mágico y tranquilo lugar está situado en el corazón del auténtico México (Chiapas) a una altitud de 2200 mts sobre el nivel del mar. Estamos rodeados de bosques, valles y montañas.
Nuestra aspiración más profunda es compartir las antiguas enseñanzas espirituales en un ambiente cálido y familiar... ofreciendo un espacio, apoyo y todas las condiciones necesarias para una profunda transformación interior y en esencia, revelar tu Verdadera Naturaleza

Welcome to Hridaya Family!

(in English)

Bienvenidos a Hridaya Family!

(en Español)

  Aquí disfrutarás:
  • Un ambiente tranquilo y sereno
  • Cuidado familiar y apoyo espiritual
  • Un clima equilibrado (18-25 °C) todo el año
  • Variedad de frutas y verduras locales. Comida deliciosa y saludable!*
  • Seguridad (sin insectos o animales peligrosos; agua limpia)
  • Hermosos senderos para caminar en el bosque
  • Sesiones diarias de meditación y Hridaya Yoga
  • Amplia sala de meditación con vista panorámica
  • Aire fresco y curativo de las montañas ante un frondoso bosque
*(Consulta sobre nuestros programas de desintoxicación y dietas especializadas)



10-Day Silent Hridaya Meditation Retreat

Upcoming Dates:

April 20 - May 1

June 29 - July 10

If you are yearning to go beyond your everyday reality, to quiet your mind and connect to the deepest part of yourself, join us for a 10-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat.

This method is a unique integration of Advaita Vedanta, Sufism, Tantra, and Dzogchen. In the advanced stages of practice, all paths of authentic spiritual traditions meet harmoniously and merge into the same Ineffable Reality.



5-Day Workshop: Conscious Relationship & Tantra Loving

With Sasha, Asaf & Masha

Upcoming Dates:


Are you longing for a harmonious and passionate relationship? Are you wondering how you can make it a part of your Spiritual Growth. Do you want to discover a new level of Depth, Beauty, Love that a conscious relationship can bring you?

Then join us for this which is a unique and powerful mixture of:

- Psychotherapeutic tecniques which bring understanding and healing to us and our behaviour in relationships.

- Authentic Tantric teachings on Love & Sexuality

- Spiritual teachings of the Heart (Hridaya) 


7-Day Healing Retreat

"All Embracing Love"

Spiritual and Therapeutic tools for profound Healing and Integration on All levels: Emotional, Pshychological, Energetic.
With Kyle & Sasha

Upcoming Dates:

April 9 - 16

All-Embracing Love integrates the refinement and elegance of non-dual tantric teachings with the practical therapeutic tools of modern psychotherapy. 
You will explore Tantric meditation and breathwork practices designed to deepen embodiment and your connection with your ‘Self’ in all of its expressions.
Learn to identify, understand and purifyenergetic blockages’, ‘limiting beliefs’, develop profound relationships with discarded and damaged ‘parts’ of your psyche, create profound levels of safety and security within yourself.

8-Week Online Integration Course

after Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat

Live sessions and lectures to learn how to integrate life into spirituality. 
With Kyle & Sasha

Upcoming Dates:

May 2 - July 1

The Hridaya teachings speak about integrating our daily life into Spirituality and not vice versa.


This course is intended to provide the essential tools for learning how to stay connected to the Heart, to the Depth of our being no matter what challenges we face at work, in relationships, and in other moments of our everyday life.


We embark together on the beautiful journey of living with an Open Heart and bringing Love and Trust in everything we do.

30-Day Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat

with Claud Vaduva

May 21 -June 20, 2023 

This 30-day retreat with senior Hridaya teacher Claud is an invitation to deepen your spiritual practice by clarifying your direction—moving from effort to naturalness, resting more in the simplicity of Being, and embracing Self-Inquiry as the potent light of self-introspection that can enable the recognition of what you truly are.​


Based on the non-dual vision and inspired by the Hridaya teachings, the emphasis of this retreat is to reveal the inherent Truth of your being. In this spirit, long periods of silence and self-practice are essential.

They are complemented by guided meditations, Hatha Yoga sessions, a one-night vigil dedicated to Tara (the embodiment of Love and Compassion), inspiring lectures, readings from different spiritual traditions and masters, sacred poetry, outdoor meditations and practices, opening and closing rituals, etc.

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